Cup Noddle Museum in Ikeda

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Have you ever wonder how instant ramen was created and what is the history behind? How can something so compact and hard turn soft and flavorful once hot water is added to it?!! Well, one can find the answers to these questions at the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum in Ikeda…

Escape From the City: Minoh Falls

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One of my fondest memory of my trip to Japan is hiking at Minoh Park (sometimes spelled Mino or Minoo). About Minoh Park: The Minoh Park is one of Japan’s oldest National Parks located in Minoh city which is north of Osaka city. The hiking path to Minoh Waterfall starts with a…

My Love for IKEA: IKEA Tsuruhama

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Some of you might be thinking she can’t be serious… IKEA?… The Swedish furniture store? YEAH I AM TALKING ABOUT THAT IKEA~! My love for this store began sometime during college and since then I just love going there. I do not even go there to buy furniture.  I do not…

Shop til you Drop in Southern Osaka

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It goes without saying that shopping in Japan is insane. You can only imagine the state of shock I was in when I visited these mega shopping areas in Osaka for the first time. I was so overwhelm that I did not buy anything except for food. I mean the sheer…

Osaka’s Kitchen Kuromon Market

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  I think it is kind of obvious that one should forget about dieting and counting calories when traveling. What is diet? After my morning walk at Osaka Castle Park,  I made my way to Kuromon Market. Kuromon Ichiba Market:With more than 190 years of history and tradition, Kuromon Ichiba Market,…

Morning Walk to Osaka Castle

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There is something about traveling that turns me into such an early bird. My mindset is, start early so I can maximize my time exploring. I want to see everything, do everything and of course eat everything! (haha talk about being greedy) So despite suffering from a minor case of jet…

Itinerary: Shimokitazawa

Enjoy good coffee, live music and awesome fashion deals in Shimokitazawa, one of the most trendiest neighborhood in Tokyo.