1DayinJapan? What Did I Just Stumble upon?

Hello everyone and welcome to 1DayinJapan!

My  name is Lisa. Like you I love to travel! And I want to travel more. In particular I really want to explore many places in Japan, but where do I even start?!  There is just so much to see, eat and do but so little time.

So, here is where 1DayinJapan might come in handy. 1DayinJapan is a travel blog dedicated to creating itinerary, curating fun and interesting contents for those planning to travel to Japan. Or simply want to learn more about Japan.

About the itinerary:

When creating itinerary I ask myself this question:

“If I was in Japan for one day what should I do and where should I go?

With that in mind, I scour the web to find interesting things to see, do and eat in Japan and make it into a  one day itinerary.

Other side notes:

 I am not rich (far from it actually)! I like to save money and find good deals. 

  •  The contents you will find on this blog will mostly like not include 5-Star hotels or super fancy food. (Sorry T_T). HOWEVER, you will find ways to explore Japan in an economical fashion without sacrificing too much of the good stuff.
  • I will do my best to help you save money on a trip.

I love to eat!

  • Sometimes I want a second stomach just so I can eat more food! Food is definitely a one of the key components in planning these itinerary.


  • Travel itinerary may include obvious tourist highlights BUT I will try my best to include lesser known places as much as I can!
  • I did not personally visit these places myself (yet).  I research (a lot) and make itinerary. Honestly, planning is one of the best part of a trip!!
  • NO ONE is paying me to write or feature them on this blog. I am simply sharing the contents I find online.


If at least one person finds these itineraries helpful, that would just make my day.

So, if there are anything you like ask, email me. I will try my best to answer your questions. Thank you for checking out this blog. Happy Travel!