Itinerary:Mitaka,Ikebukuro Part 2

Hello and Welcome.

Continuing from the last itinerary, we will explore the world of Japanese animation and comic, through the streets of Ikebukuro and the ethereal world of  Ghibli Animation in the Ghibli Museum.

An interesting fact I learn when putting this itinerary together, is that Ikebukuro is kind of a second Akihabara BUT it is more catered towards female! Akihabara = Guy? // Ikebukuro = Girl? Totally unintentional when making this itinerary 😀 But of course both genders will find themselves enjoying both places!!

Without further ado, please enjoy this itinerary 😀

Main Point of Interest:

  • Ghibli Museum
  • Ikebukuro “Otome Street “
  • Namja Town

Where to stay:

AirBnb (Recommended for staying more than 1 day in Tokyo)

  • Name: Open sale ! 6 min station-Center of IKEBUKURO #6 LINK
  • Budget: $23 per night (weekday) + $29 cleaning fee (one time) (Price at the time of time post)  Link to get discount on booking with AirBnB.
  • Other info: Whole apartment to yourself. Free portable pocket WIFI. 6 minute walk from Ikebukuro Station.
  • NOTE:  Check in after 4PM (Let host know if you want to drop off luggage earlier.) Check out time 11 AM.

Day Start:

Budget (expected expenditure for one person):  Transportation ( 800 Yen) // Food ( 3,600+ Yen) // Others (tickets adult price) (1500-3300 Yen)

NOTE: This itinerary is assuming you have already arrived in Japan and already checked at the AirBnb listed above.  Your starting point is at the place you booked your stay.

7:00 AM  Breakfast at Yayoiken  (Site)


Have you wonder what a typical Japanese breakfast is like? With that curiosity in mind, I decided to look for a traditional Japanese breakfast. At a reasonable price, one can enjoy a simple and balance meal at Yayoiken in the morning.

8:00 AM Head to Mitaka  (via train: Ikebukuro Station to Kichijoji Station)

How to get there:

  • From the Yayoiken, walk 8 minute to Ikebukuro station.
  • Take the “ JRSaikyo Line” for 各停Shin-Kiba
    • Nonstops // 6 Minutes // Get off at  “Shinjuku Station”
  • Transfer to the “JR Chuo Line” for 快速Toyoda
    • 6 stops // 15 Minutes // Get off at “Kichijoji Station”
  • Cost and  Time: 310 yen (~40 Minute)  Direction: Follow this Goggle Direction

9:00 AM Inokashira Park

About an hour ride to Mitaka, lets take the walking route to Ghibli Museum through Inokashira Park. Stroll through the park to absorb that fresh morning air and walk off breakfast.  If time allows, take some time to explore Inokashira park, as it has a beautiful lake, garden and even a zoo.

10:00 AM Ghibli Museum (Site)

Age 19 and Over Age 13-18 Age 7-12 Age 4-6 Under 4
1,000 Yen 700 Yen 400 Yen 100 Yen Free

NOTE: Ticket to Ghibli Museum MUST be purchased in advance!! Available only in Japan or affiliate websites. Click here to find out where to buy. If you are in Japan, you can buy it at Lawson convenience store kiosk. The menu will be in Japanese. Refer to this site to learn how to use the kiosk. Tickets are sold on the 10th of each month for the following month dates and times!!!

  • Admission Times:

NOTE: There are divided admission time into the museum. Your admission time is bought for specific dates and time! You can only be 30 minute late to YOUR entry TIME. Any time after = No entry . BUT once you are in, you can stay until closing if you wish.

1st  Admission

2nd Admission 3rd Admission 4th Admission

10:00 (until 10:30)

12:00 (until 12:30)

2:00 (until 2:30)

6:00  (until 6:30)

Totoro is there to welcome you to Ghibli Museum

The Ghibli Museum is a museum showcasing the work of the Japanese animation studio Studio Ghibli. Some of notable work by Studio Ghibli you may have heard of are; My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Spirited Away and many more.

Work Space Replica (Source)

While looking around the museum be sure to check out their short films in their special theaters. Your entry to the special theaters is include with your admission. If you are hungry eat some Ghibli inspired food at the Ghibli Museum Cafe.

1:00 PM Head to Ikebukuro  (via train: Kichijoji Station to Ikebukuro Station)

How to get there:

  • From Ghibli Museum, walk 21 minute (through Inokashira Park) to Kichijoji station.
  • Take the“JR Chuo Line” for 各停Tokyo
    • 8 Stops // 18 Minutes // Get off at  “Shinjuku Station”
  • Transfer to the “Saikyo Line” for 各停Omiya
    • Nonstop // 6 Minutes // Get off at “Ikebukuro Station”
  • Cost and  Time: 310 yen (~40 Minute)  Direction: Follow this Goggle Direction

2:00 PM Eat & Explore Ikebukuro

Up to this point in the itinerary, you can either shop first or eat. Here are some recommendations:

Notable attraction:

Ikefukuro Statue


A popular meeting spot in Ikebukuro Station . The name Ikefukuro is a combination of the word Ikebukuro and fukuro (Owl).

Zōshigaya Kishimojin-do (Site)


Zoshigaya Kishimojindo Temple popular temple where Kishimojin, the goddess of safe birth and child rearing, is worshiped. What caught my attention about this temple, is the how nice the temple ground is arrange. Especially the torri (red gates). If you choose to visit here, walk under the torrii gates and if you are interest get goshuin stamp.

Suggested Place to Explore:

Otome Road

Otome Road is a nickname for a street in Ikebukuro – a district of Tokyo – which is located to the west of the Sunshine 60 building near Ikebukuro Station. Otome Road translates to “Maiden Road”. The nickname is given from a dense grouping of shops that specialize in doujinshi, anime and other merchandise aimed at women. This is THE street to do your anime shopping needs for the day.

Animate (Flagship Store) (Site)

Animate Flagship Store Photo Credit to (Source)

The Animate store in Ikebukuro boast to be the biggest anime store in the world.  It has 9 floors and a cafe. Which regularly have different anime collaboration. Of the 9 floors, 7 floors is dedicated to comics, picture books and videos of popular anime, all sorts of anime character goods are on sale.

K-Books (Site)

K-Books Ikebukuro Store Front Photo Credit to TsunaguJapan (Source)

Kbooks is a known manga and novel specialty bookstore. There are 3 separate branch in Ikebukuro.  The first branch is carries all yaoi/BL/shounen ai manga, doujinshi (fan-made comics), and novels. While the the second branch sells purely doujinshi . Lastly the third branch is stocked with old manga and collector’s items.

Pokemon Mega Center (Site)

Charzard and Pikachu at the Pokemon Mega Center Photo Credit to NatashaBarr (Source)

If you  love pokemon you have gotta visit here! With the release of Pokemon Go, visiting the Pokemon Mega Center is a definite must. Who knows how many Pokemon you can catch here. But if you can’t catch one you can always buy one. Pokemon merchandise displayed all around the store.

Swallowtail Butler Cafe (Site)

Just as there are maid cafe in Akihabara and other parts of Tokyo, you will also find a butler cafe in Ikebukuro. Although it is a kind of pricey in my opinion. But if you want to see whats it like to have a butler and serving you fancy tea or food (Menu change every month), stop on by but make reservation first!

Suggested Place to Snack and Drink:

Sisters池袋本店 (Site)


Bake Cheese Tart  ベイクチーズタルト池袋店 (Site)


Bakudan-yaki  (Site)

Bakudanyaki Photo Credit to Hana Lea (Source)

Suggested Place to Eat:

Johnathan’s  (Site)

Mixed Grill: Hamburger Chicken Set Photo Credit to Johnathan’s Grand Menu (Source)


Midori Sushi (Conveyor Belt Sushi) (Site)

Midori Sushi Store Front Photos Credit to Tabelog (Source)

Sutadonya (伝説のすた丼屋 池袋店) (Site)

Sutadonya Store Front Photo Credit to Sendo1027 (Source)

Tamagoken たまごけん (Site)

Tamogoken Store Front Photo Credit to Tamagoken Facebook (Source)

7:00 PM Namjatown (Site)


Ticket Type

Regular Admission

Namja Passport (Admission + Attractions are Free) with exception

Namja Passport After 3PM


500 Yen

3,300 Yen

2,300 Yen

Child (12 & Under)

300 Yen

2,600 Yen

1,800 Yen

NOTE: Many of  the attractions are in Japanese. Click here for a English guide.

Map of Namja Town Photo Credit to Namja Town Website (Source)

Located in Sunshine City (same building as J-World), we arrive at our final point of interest of the day, Namja Town. Namja City is a in-door amusement park. It is not your typical amusement park where you will find roller coaster or anything of that scale. Instead you will find small rides and carnival style games.

Note: Most of the attractions has a fee (unless you bought the passport pass) and might require some knowledge of the Japanese language to play. Please refer to the site for games that has English explanation.

Gyoza stadium.jpg
Tokyo Food Page (Source)

One the more notable attraction in Namja Town is the “Gyoza Stadium”in a setting of Tokyo of the 1950s.. Here you will find lots and lots of Gyoza (dumplings)! Various gyoza dishes from famous restaurants across Japan.

Photo Credit toTofugu (Source)

If you got a sweet tooth, hop along to “Ice Cream City”. It is most know for serving bizarre and unique ice cream.

10:00 PM Continue to Eat & Explore Ikebukuro or End of the Day

Up to this point in the itinerary, you can either call it a day or continue exploring Ikebukuro or elsewhere. If you are like me who loves food or if you still have room for food I would like to recommend the Isomaru Fisheries for late night munchie.

Isomaru Fisheries (Site)


I know it might be late but it does not mean we can stop spoiling ourselves with one more delicious meal for the day!! As you may have notice Isomaru is open for 24 hours! If seafood is your thing, I say give Isomaru a try before calling it a day.

As always thank you for checking out these itineraries. Until next time, happy travels!



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