Itinerary: Minato,Akihabara,Ikebukuro Part 1

This itinerary will feature many places relating to the world of Japanese animation. Anime! I have been a fan of anime and manga (Japanese graphic novel) for a long time, so I am extremely excited to make this anime focus itinerary.

NOTE: I will be splitting this itinerary into TWO parts. So, if you notice that in this itinerary only have one thing planned in Ikebukuro, it is because most of the Ikebukuro exploring will be done in part 2! ;D Please enjoy part 1 of this itinerary!

Main Point of Interest:

  • One Piece Tokyo Tower
  • Akihabara
  • J-World

Where to stay:

AirBnb (Recommended for staying more than 1 day in Tokyo)

  • Name: Open sale ! 6 min station-Center of IKEBUKURO #6 LINK
  • Budget: $23 per night (weekday) + $29 cleaning fee (one time) (Price at the time of time post)  Link to get discount on booking with AirBnB.
  • Other info: Whole apartment to yourself. Free portable pocket WIFI. 6 minute walk from Ikebukuro Station.
  • NOTE:  Check in after 4PM (Let the host know if you want to drop off luggage earlier.) Check out time 11 AM.

 Photo Credit to AirBnB Source

Day Start:

Budget (expected expenditure for one person):  Transportation ( 800 Yen) // Food ( 4,000+ Yen) // Others (tickets adult price) (5,000 Yen)

NOTE: This itinerary is assuming you have already arrived in Japan and already checked at the AirBnb listed above.  Your starting point is at the place you booked your stay.

8:30 AM Head to Minato (via train: Ikebukuro Station to Kamayacho Station)

How to get there:

  • From the AirBnb location, walk 6 minute to Ikebukuro station.
  • Take the “Yamanote Line” for Shinjuku/Shibuya (COUNTERCLOCK Wise)
    • 8 Stops // 17 Minutes // Get off at ” Ebisu Station”
  • Transfer to the “Hibiya Line” for Kita-Koshigaya Platform 2
    • 3 stops // 8 Minutes // Get off at “Yamiyacho Station”
  • Take the path to ticket station gate. Walk 8 minute and you have arrived!
  • Cost and  Time: 370 yen (~40 Minute)  Direction: Follow this Goggle Direction

9:00 AM  Breakfast at Abumi  (Instagram)

Abumi Store Front Photo credit to Tabelog (Source)

Since it is still early and the One Piece Tokyo Tower is not open yet, stop by at Abumi for light breakfast. Its fresh baked goods displayed in its store front looks delicious to stop a passerby in their tracks.

Assorted Breads Photo credit to Tabelog (Source)

9:30 AM Kumano Shrine


About an 8 minute walk from Abumi  is Kumano Shrine (?). On a clear day like the photo above, you can get a nice view of Tokyo Tower and Kumano Shirne.


Spend some time to look at the cute yet sacred statues of Ojizousama.

“Ojizousama is the most popular Japanese divinities and are seen as the guardian of children (note their baby-like faces), particularly of children who died before their parents. The Japanese believe that all living and non-living things have a life and soul. That’s why they often dress up ojizosama statues in hats or some other type of clothing to protect them from cold weather. Ojizosama are also believed to protect firefighters and travelers.”  Read more here.

10:00 One Piece Tokyo Tower (Site)


Tickets Adults Junior
(13 years old – 18 years old)
(4 years old – 12 years old)
Advance ticket ¥3,000
(include tax)
(include tax)
(include tax)
Day ticket ¥3,200
(include tax)
(include tax)
(include tax)
Buy on the 3F of Tokyo Tower

UPDATED INFO: Starting 4/10/17 there 2 OPTION to buy ticket.

  • Option 1: Park & Live Show
  • Option 2:Park Pass ( Access to park and its attraction EXCEPT live show)

Finally to the first main attraction of this itinerary. If you are a fan of One Piece (like me) then you will be in for a real treat at One Piece Tokyo Tower.

Photo Credit to Jpninfo Source

One Piece Tokyo Tower is located on the  3rd floor of Tokyo Tower. The park occupies the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor of the Tower and the lobby also holds 2 themed restaurants and Tokyo’s second Mugiwara Store. During your time here enjoy  many One Piece theme games and attractions. Test your slingshot skills at Usopp’s “Road to Sogeking” or test your swordsmanship at Zoro’s “Edge of Soul” and many more.


If you need a rest from the attractions, there are plenty of photo spots to take pictures with the characters from One Piece in “Tongari Island Photo Spot”.

Tongari Island Photo Spot “Party with the Straw Hat Crew”Source

My personal favorite…is Trafalgar Law and Bepo photo spot ///<

Tongari Island Photo Spot ” Trafalgar Law and Bepo” Source

As mentioned before there is  two themed restaurant  in the amusement park. At Sanji’s Oresama no Restaurant, there is a buffet style from 11:00 AM -3:00 PM (Last entry 1:30 PM). There is an entry fee. Please look at the chart below for the pricing. (Price at the time of post):

Adults (over 13 years old) 12 years old – 7 years old 6 years old – 4 years old 3 years old and younger
2,500 yen 1,620 yen 1,080 yen Free

NOTE: You have to make a reservation to eat at the buffet. Click  here

Sanji Oresama no Restaurant (Link)

Aside from the buffet style, starting 3:00 Pm-10:00 PM (Last order 9:15 PM) there is the ordering option. However, if you do not want a full course meal or you want to save room for later, there is always “Café Mugiwara or Franky’s Cola Bar.

Café Mugiwara (Source)

One Piece Tokyo Tower has a live show! Honestly I think it is kind of weird to watch REAL people as my favorite anime characters but it seems fun and the cast looks enthusiastic doing their job. So it is definitely a must see during your visit here.

NOTE: To watch the live show you must reserve a ticket on the day of your visit on 5th floor. Please check show times on the day of your visit!

One Piece Live Attraction  Season 2

2:00 Head to Akihabara (Via Train: Hamamatsucho Station to  Akihabara Station)

It is time to say good bye to Luffy’s crew and friends at One Piece Tower Tokyo, as we travel to the second point of interest of the day, AKIHABARA! Akihabara is without a doubt the number one location for anime fans to visit. Time to explore, eat and shop! (Note to self: must control thyself and not empty wallet in Akihabara!! T^T)

How to get there:

  • From One Piece Tokyo Tower walk to “Hamamatsucho Station” (17 minute)
  • Take the “JR Keihintohoku Line” for 快速Omiya
    • 3 Stops // 8 Minutes // Get off at “Akihabara Station”
  • Cost and  Time: 160 yen (~25 Minute)  Direction: Follow this Goggle Direction

2:30-6:30 Eat & Explore Akihabara (4 hours)

Up to this point in the itinerary, you can either shop first or eat. Here are some recommendations:

Suggested Place to Explore:

Chuo Dori (Main Street)

Chuo dori is the main street of Akihabara. Walking down this boulevard is where you will find most of the shops listed below and more. Such as the infamous maid cafes. But do not forget about the back streets and alley ways there are plenty of shops waiting to be discover. 😀

Akihabara Gachapon Kaikin (Site)


Sega Game (Site)

Club Sega (Site)


Mandrake (Site)

Mandrake Store Front Photo Credit to World.Jal  Source

Akiba Culture Zone (Site)


NOTE: For a more comprehensive guide or non anime related shopping in Akihabara click here

Suggested Place to Eat:

Pepper Lunch ペッパーランチ (Akihabara Location) English (Site) Japanese (Site)

Beef Pepper Steak Photo Credit to Amy C.  Source

NOTE: Current Menu Link

Standing Sushi Bar (Ugogashi Nihonichi )  (Site)


365 Curry  (Site)

Sautee Pork Curry Photo Credit to 365 Curry Site

Photo Source Yelp (Source)

Pablo Mini  (Site) (Instagram)

Original Cheese Tart Photo Credit to Pablo Website (Source)

6:30 Head to Ikebukuro (Via Train: Akihabara Station to  Ikebukuro Station)

By now hopefully you have finish your shopping and exploring in Akihabara. As the saying goes, ” Shop till you drop” and now it is time to get back up and head to the final point of interest of the day, J-World.

How to get there:

  • Walk to “Akihabara Station”
  • Take the “JR Yamanote Line” for 各停For Ueno / Ikebukuro (Counter-Clockwise)
    • 10 Stops // 21 Minutes //Platform 2// Get off at “Ikebukuro Station”
  • Cost and  Time: 200 yen (~25 Minute)  Direction: Follow this Goggle Direction

7:00-10:00 J-World Site


  • Address:Japan, 〒170-0013 Tokyo, 豊島区Higashiikebukuro, 3−1−3 ワールドインポートマートビル (located inside Sunshine City)
  • Hours: Monday- Sunday // 10:00 AM-10:00 PM
  • Entrance Fees: (Ticket) (At the time of writing this post)
  • At Door Ticket/ Advance:
    • Adult: ( 800 Yen  // 2,600 Unlimited Attraction Passport)
      • NOTE: If you plan to go on rides, it is strongly recommended that you get the passport)
    • Children: (15 year old and under //600 Yen // 2,700 yen Unlimited Attraction Passport )
    • Adult:( 1800 Yen Unlimited Attraction Passport)
    • Children (15 year old and under // 1600 Yen Unlimited Attraction Passport)
J-World Entrance Photo Credit to MTravel (Source)

Like One Piece Tokyo Tower, you’ll find One Piece characters here too  and more characters from the world of JUMP. We are talking about the legendary series Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and many more! During your time here enjoy five Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball attractions, along with stacks of merchandise and themed food!

NOTE: Games and attraction does cost money to play. If you buy the Passport Pass you have unlimited play on the attractions unless stated otherwise.


In the J-Kitchen you will find lots of JUMP character inspired food. From savoury dish to sweet dishes and various drinks. Apart from the J-Kitchen there is One Piece Sanji’s “Cafe Mademoiselle”. You will find his cafe just outside of One Piece’s “Dockyard Street” inside J-World.

10:00~ Eat & Explore Ikebukuro or End of the Day

Up to this point in the itinerary, you can either call it a day or explore Ikebukuro’s nightlife. (Sorry no bar/club recommendation)  HOWEVER, If you did not eat at  J-World or you are still hungry, here are some recommendations:

Suggested Place to Eat:

[A] Pizza (Site)

[A] Pizza Store Interior Photo Credit to Tabelog (Source)

Mutekiya (無敵家 )

Mutekiya Ramen Nikutama  Photo Credit to Mutekiya’s Website

Thank you for checking out this itinerary. Look forward to part two of this anime centric itinerary! There is more exploring to do in Ikebukuro.

Until next time…happy travels !